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VSE’s Website Refresh 

By Kayla Sheely

Like almost every other company over the past few years, VSE’s way of working was disrupted by COVID. Although many team members worked from home a few days a week pre-pandemic, the move to becoming a fully remote company was a drastic and unexpected one. However, VSE has leaned into this new digital-first environment. New hires have come from across the country, and while the office has been reopened, the virtual space remains the primary gathering place for employees. Working from home has forever altered the work life at VSE, allowing us to innovate and reimagine our ways of working.  

While internally this cultural shift was embraced, we realized that just because the changes were obvious to us didn’t mean that they were to everyone else – especially those potentially interested in joining VSE. Our website still largely reflected the in-office focus of the pre-pandemic world. To continue to attract the best talent, we wanted to accurately showcase what our work culture was like. We needed to showcase our virtual environment.  

A website refresh seemed like the perfect solution. With a refresh, we were not looking to completely overhaul the site. We wanted to simplify the site and highlight our new ways of working. During this website refresh, our main goals were that the website would:  

Reflect our people. We wanted our site to be an accurate reflection of who you would be working with if you joined the team at VSE. While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional stock photo, our people are front and center on the website.  

Highlight our culture. Working from home is no longer just a perk – it’s an integral part of today’s workforce. Our site new reflects our virtual environment in a way that was lacking previously.  

Showcase perks people care about. At VSE, we pride ourselves on taking care of our employees, and we have many programs and policies to help our employees put their wellbeing first. We redesigned our benefits page to make it clearer to understand why our employees love working here.  

To accomplish this, we decided to pare down the site from 8 pages to 5. We wanted to make it easier for potential talent to get a true sense of who we are and what we do. Instead of multiple top navigation items, we delineated the site into two main sections: Life at VSE and Work at VSE.  

The Life at VSE page aims to give visitors a look at what life could be life working at VSE. It includes highlights on culture, team, perks, and benefits. Instead of highlighting photos from the office, we chose to use screen captures from Teams meetings to showcase our workforce. And since website refreshes don’t always happen on a regular basis, we wanted to make sure we had an accurate representation of our workforce. 

On the other hand, the Work at VSE page gives a view to the impact employees can make at VSE. We are excited to share our desire for purpose-driven work and innovation, as well as our unique corporate structure using Holacracy. Visitors will also see the brands that VSE provides services to.     

Our hope is that our new website reflects what is unique about working at VSE and why you would be excited to work here. Visit our new site at vseinc.com to view open positions and learn more.   

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