Employees Leveling Up 

By Kayla Sheely

How VSE Social Media Expert Keeps Up With The Ever-Evolving Industry

Voice Systems Engineering takes developing its employees seriously. It is why any employee can utilize a corporate stipend to complete trainings and certifications to help them excel in their roles. We sat down with Erin Gasperi, VSE’s resident social media expert, to hear about the recent trainings she attended.  

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at VSE. 

I have worked in a few marketing roles at VSE over the past nine years. I started energizing work on social media for the psychic brands seven years ago. Currently, I am filling the role of Social Media Strategist at VSE, which I have been in for the past three years. I create and oversee the implementation of the social media content calendars for the VSE corporate brand as well as Psychic Source and PathForward Psychics, brands we partner with. I also manage all social media influencer campaigns for Psychic Source and PathForward Psychics.  

What training did you recently attend? 

I’ve completed two certifications in recent years that are important to my role: the Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification and an Influencer Partnerships Certification.  

What made this training important to your role? 

One of the things I love about social media is how it’s constantly evolving. A social media marketer in a strategy position must continuously research and stay abreast of trends—the social media marketing courses I took in my MBA program five years ago are outdated. I needed to take a course that reflects the industry’s current state. I completed the Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification to polish off my strategic thinking skills in relation to social media marketing.  

The other certification that I completed was an Influencer Partnerships Certification. For the past three years, I have been developing the influencer marketing strategy for the psychic brands we partner with, and in 2022, we launched our first influencer marketing campaign. However, so much has rapidly changed in the influencer marketing landscape due to the pandemic that it was essential for me to learn all the areas of influencer partnerships at a strategic level to create the best possible program for our brands partners. 

What are a few of the key takeaways you went home with? 

Like the social media marketing industry, influencer marketing constantly changes and evolves. However, I was happy to learn some key metrics around compensation and how we can measure these programs’ return on investments from a brand awareness perspective.  

How are you going to implement what you learned at VSE?  

Using the metrics and data points I learned through my certification, I have developed an influencer marketing report showcasing each partnership’s performance.  

To follow Erin’s social media endeavors, follow VSE on LinkedIn.   

Employees Leveling Up 

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