We've kicked traditional hierarchy to the curb, along with titles and bosses.

Benefits of VSE

Reinvent your work.

To be empowered to do your best, your wellbeing needs to come first. Our key pillars of wellness make it easy to prioritize health and happiness to find a life you love living.

Culture that focuses on health and wellness

Health is about more than just insurance. Which is why our comprehensive insurance programs that include medical, dental, vision, and life, are just the beginning. VSE employees have access to a “wellness wallet” that will reimburse them for gym memberships, workout equipment, mindfulness apps, healthy food boxes, ergonomic workspace tools, and more. Work-life integration – not just balance – is our goal, allowing you to take time off for important medical appointments or mental health days when needed.

A flexible schedule that works for you

Whether you are working in the office, remotely, or a combination of the two, your work schedule should fit into your life (and your time zone). And at VSE, we believe there’s much more to life than work, which is why we offer an unlimited PTO policy. Prioritize your needs in whatever season of life you are in – exploring your professional development, working on your mental health, raising a family, or taking care of elderly parents.

Personal growth and social responsibility

Continue in your professional development through a stipend dedicated to allowing employees to attend conferences, earn certifications, and complete trainings. VSE also offers a tuition reimbursement program. And with our flexible PTO policy, we celebrate and encourage you to take time to give back to your community through volunteering at nonprofits and through employee-hosted charity events throughout the year.

Transform your everyday

Financial Planning

Plan for your future with our 401k match and access to expert financial advice.

Asynchronous Collaboration

Feel connected and engaged with one another through workplace communication tools and infrastructure.

Professional Development

Take control of your growth through tuition reimbursement.

Flexible Work Location

Many of our roles are flexible and not bound by a specific location.

Time Off

An unlimited PTO policy to enable you to rest, relax, and recharge.

Wellness Wallet

Get reimbursed for gym memberships, mindfulness apps, healthy food boxes, and more.

Diversity & Belonging

At VSE, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to creating a place where everyone belongs, grows, and thrives. We celebrate having an organization comprised of people of all ages, races, genders, abilities, sexual orientations and expressions, educations, and national origins who bring a multitude of perspectives to the table. Creating a culture of belonging is fundamental to maintaining a comfortable workspace where our people feel empowered and valued.

Social Impact

From our people to our brands, everything at VSE carries the same social mission and values. Purpose-driven, passionate individuals work in dynamic teams to deliver positive impact to people's lives.

Join the team

We believe happy team members are essential to a great work environment. 

And we encourage you to reach your full potential.