Employees Leveling Up 

By Kayla Sheely

People Resource Center Works to Optimize VSE’s Employee Experience

Voice Systems Engineering takes developing its employees seriously. It is why any employee can utilize a corporate stipend to complete trainings and certifications to help them excel in their roles. We sat down with Michele Neiley, lead link of VSE’s People Resource Center, to hear about the recent conference she attended. 

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at VSE.    

I have always been drawn to human resources, as it blends together my passion for business law and people in a way that allows me to help others and to make a difference. At VSE, I serve as a strategic HR leader, with an open-door policy. I take my time getting to know my colleagues personally and professionally, so they can trust that I will advocate for their best interests in a way that is mutually beneficial to them and for the future of VSE. 

What training did you recently attend?     

I attended the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Symposium hosted in Philadelphia.  

What made this training important to your role?    

There are a few reasons this training was important to my role, including:  

  • Learning best practices within the industry, gaining access to industry leaders, networking with peers, and earning continuing education credits. 
  • Advancing my HR profession and business community through both educational programs and personal connections. 
  • Professional development and networking opportunities within the SHRM community. 
  • Connecting with HR professionals within in the greater Philadelphia and outlying suburban business community. 

What are a few of the key takeaways you went home with?   

The Symposium offered dynamic keynote speakers, a Chief Human Resource Officer panel, nine interactive breakout sessions, and a closing presentation. Through these sessions, I was able to hear experienced keynote speakers cover topics ranging from employment law, DEI, workforce development, wellness, benefits, talent, to the latest HR trends. Engaging with exhibitors presented another opportunity to gain knowledge and new ideas of HR products and services in benefits, compliance, wellness, and trends. 

How are you going to implement what you learned at VSE?    

After the symposium, there are a couple things I would like to bring back to VSE: 

  • Creating a holistic diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy to drive a more inclusive work environment. 
  • Implementing changes required in policies, compliance, new and better resources, and trends. 
  • Transforming HR data into actions with an emphasis on designing the best employee experience possible as well as the importance of using data in building, designing, and optimizing VSE’s workforce. 

To join VSE’s team and participate in its work culture, check out open jobs here.  

Employees Leveling Up 

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