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Giving Back with a Closet Cleanout

By Kayla Sheely

Voice Systems Engineering’s employee culture is marked by a strong desire and willingness to give back to the local community. Every few months, the Community Circle hosts events with a charity component to raise money for local or national nonprofits.

With Community Circle’s recent revamp, the role holders in the newly updated Social Responsibility and Charity Champion role decided to think of new ways fulfill their purpose, which is to “provide a pathway for employees at VSE to give back.” Instead of being filled by a single person, the Social Responsibility and Charity Champion role is multi-filled, and the team is comprised of Jaclyn Torpey, Kayla Sheely, Lynette Hollis, Angela Morton, and Edward Garibaldi. The role holders brainstormed some new ideas on how to engage employees to give back. Instead of hosting a more traditional fundraiser, they opted to add something new to the VSE event calendar – a closet cleanout!

While there are still many employees who live near VSE HQ, over the past few years VSE has made the transition to a remote-first company. Most of new hires have been from across the country – and they couldn’t commute even if they wanted to. Due to this, events that the Community Circle plans are strongly encouraged to be able to accommodate remote employees, even if there is an in-person component.

For the closet cleanout, VSE employees were encouraged to declutter their closets and gather items to donate. A donation drop off timeframe was set at the office for those who lived nearby so employees could drop off their bags and boxes as well as mingle with any other coworkers who stopped by. For remote employees who wanted to participate, they sent their zip code to the Charity Champion role to find a drop off zone easily accessible to them.

The closet cleanout event was a great success with close to 70 donated bags and items. The majority of the donated items were clothing, but there were also many household items as well. After gathering all the bags, GreenDop picked up the donations. GreenDrop accepts donations on behalf of local nonprofits, helping them to raise funds for their programs. Their nonprofit and charity partners include American Red Cross, Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, National Federation of the Blind, and more.

VSE’s contributes will benefit the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation. The Purple Heart Foundation helps “fund programs and services to help ease the transition from the battlefield to the homefront for veterans nationwide.”

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