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Redesigning VSE’s Building Renovation

By Kayla Sheely

In 2019, VSE acquired its first commercial property, originally intended to become VSE’s headquarters. However, the shift to a digital-first workforce changed all that. 

Although VSE policy allows employees to work in the office after they are vaccinated, most employees have fully embraced remote work and continue to work from home – not to mention the new employees who have joined the team from across the country. The initial plans for the building no longer fit VSE’s needs, so we decided to shake up the original gameplan.  

“Just as we were about to submit permits to start construction, our CEO called me up,” says Edward Garibaldi, Facility Manager. Gary Baron, CEO, posed an idea – what if instead of renovating the office for VSE (which doesn’t have a high demand for office space), we created a modern coworking space?  

This opened the door to brainstorm and research what the market demand actually is for coworking and office space. The original plan for the VSE offices was to be a modern, open floor plan, complete with huddle rooms and hoteling desks. But after engaging with a consultant, we discovered that the demand for private offices has dramatically increased over the past few years.  

We decided to take a step back and trial a proof of concept. Instead of redesigning and renovating the entire building, we chose a smaller area to create an office workspace, including the first floor common areas like the lobby, cafeteria, and restrooms. This new venture is Sentient Workspace LLC.  

Where Is the Process At? 

Permits have been granted, and demolition and construction are in the beginning stages. The design includes 11 offices that will fit two to five people. Tentatively, we are aiming for construction to be done by the end of the year.  

How Will It Work? 

While the details are still being ironed out, the goal is to create a variety of plans that would fit a wide range of client needs. Flexible plans could include options that are per month or per occasion for specific in-office meetings. Clients will also get access to mailboxes and a receptionist who can help funnel their business calls. Shared areas such as the cafeteria with complimentary coffee and beverages amenities will be accessible to clients as well. 

Who Is Sentience Workspace Right For?  

Really anyone!” Ed states. “Whether it’s an attorney that doesn’t work with a firm, someone who is a one-person operation and needs a physical office, or a larger company with an employee population between New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania who is looking for a satellite office, Sentient Workspace will have a variety of plans to choose from.” 

Sentient Workspace reimagines the flexible office to answer the needs of today’s remote workers, opening boundless potential to connect, collaborate, and innovate beyond borders. Visit for more information.  

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