How to Influence Employees to Set Goals

By Kayla Sheely

With the New Year comes new goals, new resolutions, and new intentions. While you may be setting goals year-round, it’s hard to deny the fresh start that January brings. It’s a natural time to reflect on the past, contemplate what you want in the present, and imagine what the future could hold.  

Whether you are a leader of a team or manager of a department, it is important to empower those around you to also set and achieve goals. One person’s goals can make a difference but imagine the change if everyone around you was crushing their goals too. As you are creating your goals for 2022, how can you influence your employees or coworkers to set goals for themselves?  

Celebrate wins 
Create a culture of wins by sharing and celebrating both professional and personal goals that your employees accomplish. One of the reasons people love to share their highlights on social media is that it feels good to have others appreciate your work and encourage you when you accomplish something meaningful to you. Celebrating wins can boost self-confidence and inspire new, bigger goals.  

Lead by example 
Take the initiative to set and share your goals with your team or the wider company. When those at the top consistently lead by example, it can demonstrate to the rest of the company that this is something you care about prioritizing. The best leader leads from the frontlines, not from the back.  

Create a community of accountability  
A key factor in whether we achieve our goals is accountability – so share your goals and follow up! If one of your team members shares that they are training for a marathon, ask them how it is going. Or if they express interest in advancing their skills in SEO, let them know about any training budgets or certification programs available to them.  

At Voice Systems Engineering, we love to share our goals and celebrate wins. Here some VSE team members share their personal and professional goals for 2022 below:  
One of my 2022 goals is to celebrate small victories. It isn’t something that I do enough of now. I see others in the Peloton community who get balloons numbered for their different milestones and I think that’s really fun. But it doesn’t need to be just about fitness – it could be just as simple as rewarding myself with my favorite Starbucks latte for getting through all my to-do list for the day. Or take a relaxing bubble bath for making healthy dinners all week. I think it’s important to acknowledge our efforts in navigating through such a crazy time and to be kind to ourselves. I know (like most people) I am my toughest critic, so I really want to spend 2022 giving myself some grace and self-love. – Erin G.  

One of my goals for 2022 is to disconnect from technology and spend more time outdoors. I recently read a blog post by a woman who set a goal for 2021 to spend 1,000 hours outside and how it made such a positive impact on her and her family. So I’ve decided to take that idea and try it myself! Let’s hope we have less freezing days like today though. – Jaclyn  
I am committing to an intention to be reflective over all areas of my life, to discover where I am, and where I want to go. I am often excited to learn and try new things but tend to overextend myself. I would like to be more mindful about the endeavors I pursue, choose those that will be the most enriching, and allow myself to give them adequate attention. – Adrianne B.  

In 2021, we reduced the time from when an expert was hired to working on service down from 14 days to 1 day in most cases. In 2022, the Expert Experience team in conjunction with marketing specialists will also focus on automating the submission and publication of various content produced by our experts. Content for our websites, social media accounts, and other platforms in the form of text, photos, and videos will be requested, received, and processed for publication in a new and streamlined way. – Nancy T 

After living in a pandemic for almost two years, it is hard to avoid the build of stress. This year one of my goals is to find concrete ways to relieve that stress. It may look like physical things like running or hiking or could be something more inward-focused like journaling. I’m leaving space to determine what my body needs and when. – Kayla S.  

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