Putting Customers First Means Outstanding Customer Service

By Kayla Sheely

At Voice Systems Engineering and the companies, we partner with, we believe in creating a company culture that is “customer first.” As Relationship Agent Waleksa mentions, “Customer service is the face of the company. First impressions count, and we are that first point of contact.” The Relationship Agents are the first interaction customers may have with our company aside from the website.  

The Relationship Center does a lot – take calls, serve customers, process payments, recommend advisors, connect customers with advisors, and guide customers through the website or app. Karina is an Advanced Agent in the Relationship Center, which means, in addition to all of the responsibilities above, she also trains and helps her team throughout her whole shift. She’s available for any questions from her fellow agents and aims to educate them to be self-sufficient in the future.  

Some of the Relationship Agents also are Service Delivery Agents, which means they work with advisors as well as customers. When advisors call in with tech issues or questions, Service Delivery Agents help resolve their challenges.  

For both Relationship and Service Delivery Agents, Waleska and Karina point out that empathy is probably the most important skill to have. “I know it’s a cliche, but if you are empathetic, everything else is included. Being a good listener and figuring out the root problem, even if they’re upset – it really all stems from empathy,” Waleska says. In agreement, Karina notes that “Strong communication skills, patience, and a lot of empathy are needed, especially in the business we’re in.” 

Like in any customer-facing role, it can be challenging in tough situations when company policy goes against what customers want. Balancing customer needs with what can realistically be done is difficult, but the Relationship Agents aim to assist customers and create a positive experience in any way they can.  

Despite challenges, it can be a rewarding job. Waleska explains, “I enjoy helping people. Once in a while, you get one of those members who just either make you cry or reminds you of why you do this. It’s not just about connecting them to an advisor – a lot of times they just need someone to talk to or to listen to what they are going through. There have even been times when a regular customer calls and can even tell when my voice sounds different and offers me encouragement. I feel like I am enhancing lives or just making customers’ days a little better. 

For Karina, she’s found a family at VSE. “My team is my family and that’s the most rewarding thing. I’ve also have met a lot of wonderful members that I know on a first-name basis, so it’s just fun. I love my job. I love the environment. Even though this is my first at-home job, but I still feel connected.” 

The goal of our Relationship Center is to build amazing, long-lasting, valuable relationships with both customers and advisors. Waleska points out that, “When I call customer service for any service I use, I just want someone to be kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. To treat me the way they want to be treated.” Understanding and empathy go a long way in giving customers a great experience from their first visit to the website until their 50th purchase. 

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