Together, We Grow


I think that in today’s business environment there are many influences and questions over our decision about where to work. How will I grow in my career? How much money will I make? What are my benefits? Now there is another question that job seekers are asking. What does the company do for its community(ies)?

In the 12+ years that I’ve worked for VSE, there has ALWAYS been an effort to care for others in our community: both those who work with us and those that live near us. The company has hosted charity luncheons and raffles, has adopted families during the holiday season and has done fundraising for those less fortunate than us.

I wanted to find a way to carry that care and spirit to the Expert Link brand. While job seekers want to work for an organization that gives back to its community, consumers prefer to do business with brands who care about what is important to them. With that in mind, the Psychic Source Kindness program was developed.

The focus of the campaign is, as the name suggests, kindness. Defined as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate,” the objective of the campaign is to do good for others. In this case, “others” are included in the areas of concern that resonate with the Expert Link advisor community and Psychic Source’s customers: domestic violence, homelessness and poverty, and animals.

The initial program launched on January 18, 2017. In its first phase, customers are invited at checkout to select one of three charities to which Psychic Source will donate 1% of their future purchases. We are not asking customers to make the donation or to add money at checkout; there is no additional cost to the customer. They select the charity; Psychic Source donates. We are so proud to have selected the following charities:

  • Paws With A Cause®: The mission of Paws With A Cause® is to enhance the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. PAWS® increases awareness of the rights and roles of Assistance Dog Teams through education and advocacy.
  • National Center for Homelessness & Child Welfare: The National Center for Housing & Child Welfare (NCHCW) bridges the gap between housing resources and child welfare agencies in order to improve the lives of America’s most economically disadvantaged youth and families. NCHCW is dedicated to ensuring that no child ever enters foster care or remains trapped in the system as a consequence of their family’s inability to provide safe, decent, affordable housing. We are equally committed to guaranteeing that each young person who ages out of foster care has access to permanent housing and the connections they need to successfully enter adulthood.
  • Futures Without Violence: For more than 30 years, FUTURES has been providing groundbreaking programs, policies, and campaigns that empower individuals and organizations working to end violence against women and children around the world.

Enhancements to the Kindness campaign are underway including a blog / forum for staff, advisors and customers to share their experiences, perhaps about volunteer work or fundraising, the kindness of others shown to them, or simple stories about how they are being kind to others. I am confident that we all have stories to tell.

The headline on the Kindness page on reads, “Our contribution on your behalf will make a world of difference.” We often think of contributions as monetary. Here’s another definition to consider; “the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance.” This is the spirit of our campaign.

Together, we grow.

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