Psychic Source Partnership Program


In terms of becoming an industry leader and trendsetter through technology, look no further than Psychic Source’s affiliate partnership program. For over a decade, Psychic Source has shown how technological innovation can make such a program stand out in an extremely competitive market place.

The main philosophy behind affiliate marketing is you take away all the advertising risk by paying partners on the actual sale. This commission model was born online in the 1990’s, through ground breaking companies like Amazon and CDNOW, who realized early on that the opportunity of leveraging the full transparency of banner advertising. This model took off throughout the web, and thus, was built predominantly for online orders.

However, in the psychic space, the service is frequently delivered over the telephone — so it’s very common for website visitors to start their decision process online but finish over the phone. Therefore, Psychic Source set up an infrastructure that allows us to track phone orders just as thoroughly as online orders, driven by each partner having their own unique customer service number, automatically appearing throughout the web session. And from the get-go, promoting this feature allowed Psychic Source to attract the most talented and committed affiliate marketers in the space.

Phone tracking is just one of many cutting edge features of our partnership program. Psychic Source also offers domain tracking, allowing partners to utilize cleaner urls without all the additional tracking parameters to make their campaigns more Google-friendly. We offer iframes that allow partnering sites to display key information about our psychics, including real time availability, as well as an online shopping carts to place an order without ever leaving the affiliate site. We even have the ability to alter our customer service scripting based on which partner is sending us the phone traffic.

This “white label” approach is seen as being a more lucrative approach by many of the top affiliate marketers. In terms of content, we offer more video than any other program in our industry, and with our hands on account management, we even offer the service of adding a call to action directly within the video frame by promoting the partner’s unique number.

Psychic Source currently has thousands affiliates out there on the web, promoting our services, who are predominantly managed via email. However to get some face time with our top performing affiliates, we schedule visits at our headquarters where these partners can brainstorm directly with all the great minds that make Psychic Source tick.

The success of our program has been a team effort since day one. From customizing IVR flows, to handling all the customer calls, redesigning our website with the latest technologies, developing new products, hiring the best psychics out there, analyzing our customer data and ultimately, increasing retention. All of this has contributed to a growing and profitable program, which makes these partner visits even more rewarding for everybody.

To learn more about our affiliate program, email

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